A Quote by J.P.M on peace and world

There is within us a power that could lift the world out of its ignorance and misery if we only knew how to use it, if we would seek and find. When you meditate, open not only your listening mind but the other door to your mind as well so that the spirits streams out as fast as it comes in. Store nothing…A tree grows not by the pulling of the sun only, but by the richness of the soil… Go into the calm and luminous silence to renew, but stay in the soil of your life. No, there is nothing to fear. Do not waste time wishing for peace; there is no peace in the world, there is only peace in ones own soul. Get more fearless peace in your souls and then you will be some good.

Letter from J.P.M

From the book “Letters of the Scattered Brotherhood”


Source: Letters of the Scattered Brotherhood

Contributed by: Felicia

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