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A Quote by Joan Brady on 10 commandments and god

"You're right about the Ten Commandments. I was still new at this Universal Force business when I came up with that idea. I didn't realize I was being inflexible. Honestly, I just didn't understand then that one set of commandments can't possibly serve as a guide to everyone. We're all at different levels of our own development and evolution. What works for one person, certainly doesn't have to work for everyone else. I didn't know that then. "

Joan Brady

Source: God on a Harley, Pages: 45

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A Quote by Joan Brady

"Rules To Live By"

1. Do not build walls, for they are dangerous. Learn to transcend them.

2. Live in the moment, for each one is precious and not to be squandered.

3. Take care of yourself first and foremost.

4. Drop the ego, be real.

5. All things are possible all of the time.

6. When someone gives, it is an act of generosity to recieve. For in giving there is something gained.

Joan Brady

Source: God on a Harley, Pages: 139

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