Janna Wissler

A Quote by Janna Wissler on love, desire, and vulnerability

It can feel humiliating, in our culture of "self-love," to be ravaged with desire for another.

But what feels so impossible is that it simply hurts. The cells cry. The sex aches. The heart does indeed break. Split to the core, you are bleeding and bare, and you cannot comprehend.

The mind freezes to find an answer that will make...it...stop..."I deserve better." "It's time to move on." "I must learn to love myself."

The spirit life is truncated just there, with the mind's easy solutions. The mind's coveted prize to become a reasonable, well-adjusted person who will not embarrass herself one more time - who will, in the future and for all time, steer clear of inchoate, self-confounding intensity.

Janna Wissler

Source: Janna Wissler in "The Marriage of Sex and Spirit"

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