A Quote by James Taylor on music, pictures, and reality

I don't want to sound too cosmic or anything... but I think that music is a spiritual experience. ...  Music is true.  An octave is a mathematical reality.  So is a 5th.  So is a major 7th cord.  And I have the feeling that these have emotional meanings to us, not only because we're taught that a major 7th is warm and fuzzy and a diminished is sort of threatening and dark, but also because they actually do have these meanings.  It's almost like it's a language that's not a matter of our choosing.  It's a truth.  The laws of physics apply to music, and music follows that.  So it really lifts us out of this subjective, opinionated human position and drops us into the cosmic picture just like that.

James Taylor (1948 -)

Source: Performing Songwriter, May 2002

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