G. Walter Fiske

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An IDEAL is a vision of the Ought-To-Be - some good to be attained. . . . An ideal is a challenge to a better life. First we must see it in imagination; then we must long to make it a part of ourselves; then we shall guide our conduct by it, we shall live it. An ideal is both light and power. It is light for conscience and motive-power for will. It is a standard by which we judge between right and wrong. When we see a noble ideal lived out in another's life, it gives us a holy discontent with ourselves until we make it our own and it makes more beautiful and strong our own character. This is the way of all progress, as the world grows better, for there is no progress without ideals. . . .

G. Walter Fiske

Source: quoted by Loyd J. Ericson from G. Walter Fiske, Jesus’ Ideals of Living, Abingdon Press, 1922

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