A Quote by Fred Kofman on conscious business and conscious capitalism

Now,the truth is that in order to make more money,I believe you have to face what’s really going on,you have to share truthful information,and you have to bring the conflicts to the surface and deal with them creatively and respectfully. You don’t have a choice. Your only other choice is not to be as effective or as profitable as you could be.

My private agenda was to suggest that in order to make money you have to serve other people – for me that’s the beauty of conscious capitalism. The essence of business is to serve the customer and give the customer more value than the cost of your product – or more value than what they have to pay to acquire your product or service. So the key is not so much what you are doing,but how you are doing it.

Fred Kofman

Source: Sounds True Interview with Fred Kofman: http://store.soundstrue.com/interview-kofman.html

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