A Quote by Fred Kofman on business and purpose

…business doesn't have a purpose. it purposes a goal for those who accept to play by its rules. In business, a simple statement of the goal is "to make money today and in the future"–or more complicatedly, to maximize the value of the enterprise by maximizing the present value of its future cash flows. This is the point of the game. Each business organization (analogous to a sports team) tries to carry on operations such as invention, production, distribution, marketing and sales of goods and services at a (long-term) profit. There are some aspects of business that are like tennis; for instance, you compete against the producers of substitute products for market share. Some aspects are more like golf; for instance, you try to make the most (present-valued) money, regardless of who you are "playing" with. On the other hand, as opposed to tennis, golf or football, business is not a finite game. It doesn't have well defined spatial boundaries. The playing field of business is the world, (and potentially outer space); business is transacted anywhere and everywhere human beings live.

Fred Kofman

Source: Business-sattva: The Business Bodhisattva: http://www.axialent.com/eng/white_papers_details.asp?codigo=15

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