A Quote by Byron Katie on womenswisdom, love, mind, and projection

As long as we're at war with our own minds, we are at war with the world and with the whole human race. Because as long as we want to get rid of our thoughts, anyone that we meet is likely to become an enemy. There is only one mind, and people are going to tell us what we haven't dealt with yet in their own thinking. You're fat. You're stupid. You're not good enough.'

If you are an enemy to your own mind, other people have to become enemies too,  sooner or later. Until you understand, until you can love the thoughts that appear  in your mind, then you can love the rest of us. You work with the projector  -the mind - not the projected world.  I can't really love you until I question the mind that thinks it sees you outside itself . . .

Byron Katie

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