A Quote by Brent Haskell on ego, god, existence, perception, and reality

"...in essence the thought framework
Upon which the ego is based
Is separation.
The whole purpose for creating an ego in the first place
Was to attempt to gain some measure of experience
Of what it would be like to be separate.

And so long as you believe in the ego, which is to believe
That your thoughts about who you are are real,
Of that those thoughts have any consequence whatsoever--
As long as you believe either of those--
You are substantiating and supporting
The thought system of separation.

Separation, above all, cannot exist.
For the reality of God is Oneness.
And nothing exists except that which God has created,
And fully extended Himself into.
So there is not only nothing which is not OF GOD,
There is nothing which IS NOT God Itself."

Brent Haskell

Source: The Other Voice

Contributed by: Quantum Possibility