Ashley Celeste

A Quote by Ashley Celeste on my self, changing, and evolving

Changing, changing over time

Does it ever stay the same?

Overcoming and always becoming

Something I've never been before.

 Doing things, not always knowing why

I can't give the answers for all of the above

But I hear...that little voice...and she tells me....

 Just do what makes you happy

It might be different every day

But if you pay attention to

The beating vessle

Nestled right inside

You can't be anything

Other than Right, all the time.

Allow yourself to sway

And move like a tidal wave

And I promise you, that's okay-

Because when the sea is calm

And you start floating along...

That storm is gonna come,

One day...

One day...

Ashley Celeste


Contributed by: Shiv

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