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This is a time when we need faith, faith of a very definite and positive nature, the faith that will lead us to optimism. I believe that pessimism grows out of a lack of faith, and that if we have the right type of faith, we will be optimistic about the future. It may be true that the immediate future may have difficulties for us, but I feel that out of it all will grow a realization of the purposes of God. And it should be our purpose to develop and maintain in our hearts, if we can, faith in God and in the ultimate consummation of his purposes - a faith that will unite us in a solid, coherent group. We must, of course, in order to do that, develop faith in each other. Without that faith we are not likely to go far in promoting the work of the Lord. If we could properly unite our efforts, all of our temporal difficulties could be overcome, I am sure. If and when we overcome, it will be only because we unite in our purpose through faith in each other.

Antoine R. Ivins (1881 - 1967)

Source: Conference Report, October 1950, p. 53.

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