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Prayer for Japan

Posted By Cynthia James On March 22, 2011 @ 5:05 pm In Giving Back, Personal Growth | No Comments

Group of people praying on the beach [1]

As our brothers and sisters in Japan struggle to find peace, understanding, support and a sense of order after this month’s devastating earthquake, I invite each of you to join me as I offer these words of prayer:

I call upon universal oneness [2], God, divine intelligence. I know that this energy forever loves, is all knowing and is all powerful. I call into remembrance that we are all connected and interconnected. I call into remembrance that the soul of every human being seeks to love, be loved, feel safe and be fully supported. I call into this moment compassion for anyone who is challenged and suffering from this disastrous event. From this place I send these words of prayer to all people of Japan, family members and friends:

  • May the love of God surround you in each moment
  • May the peace of God fill your heart and mind
  • May you find comfort through the losses [3] you have suffered
  • May your children be held and rocked in the arms of love
  • May the prayers from around the world be felt in every moment and nurture your soul
  • May the donations from around the world [4] remind you that you are loved and cared for
  • May the rescue workers bring the light of hope to all
  • May the infinite grace of God flow in amazing and powerful ways
  • May this tragedy allow you to remember that you are not alone
  • May humanity awaken to the need to care for our people [5] and our planet [6]
  • May all people remember that if one suffers, we all suffer
  • May you feel that people around the world give thanks every day [7] for the gift of your life

As I complete and release this word, I deeply and profoundly give thanks that my prayer joins with people all over this world. I give thanks that this prayer is answered in tangible and powerful ways. I say beyond a shadow of a doubt that DEEPLY WE ARE ONE! And so it is! Amen.

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