Perfection on Purpose

Kaedrich Olsen by Kaedrich Olsen | January 30th, 2013 | 1 Comment
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You are a perfect person for who you need to be, right here and right now. The person that you are, currently, is the product of all of the choices and experiences you have had previous to this moment. There is no possible way for you to not be the person you are, right now. No doubt, some of the choices you have made led to unintended consequences. You may have regretted the outcome of those choices.

This is perfectly natural and normal. It is these very experiences that caused you to make more choices about your life and the world you now live in. No matter what, you were always a perfect person in those moments; just as you are perfect, now.

The only time we come to think of ourselves as less than perfect is when we try to measure ourselves up against the choices and experiences of other people. Someone else may have made a different decision when faced with a similar circumstance. The person that they were, at that moment, was a product of all of their own previous choices and experiences. They had no choice but to be the person they were, when they made a choice that was different from yours. Again, this is perfectly normal and natural.

Accepting perfection

The time has come to accept that you are a perfect person, for who you need to be, right here and right now. It is not fair to expect yourself to do the exact same things that someone else has or to be like anyone else. You are in no way the same as anyone else. Knowing this, you can now choose to free yourself from guilt and regret and make new choices as to the direction of your life. Or, you can hold on to those feelings and let them influence future choices you make. Remember, there are always effects to causes and the outcomes may not always be as anticipated.

Are you a product of your life or is your life a product of you? You are now ready to answer that for yourself. Instead of becoming a product of your environment, you can now choose to let your environment become a product of you. This is a dynamic process that begins slowly, and then explodes with epic portions of wonder and awe. Ultimately, it is important to acknowledge that you cannot “find yourself.” You are here, now, and you are perfect; connect with all that you are, and then you can create all that you will become.


  1. Thank you, I needed to see this. I do “beat myself up” over some of my imperfections and I realize that nobody is perfect. So thanks for the reminder!

    Nicole | May 19th, 2013 | Comment Permalink

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