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Nasal Irrigation: Does It Blow?

Posted By Girlfriend@Gaiam On January 30, 2009 @ 12:27 pm In Girlfriend@Gaiam, Health & Wellness | 18 Comments

What's a Neti Pot? [1]Nope, not Aladdin’s lamp. … It’s a neti pot.

I believe alternative healthcare [2] works. I try to use natural methods to ease my family’s symptoms before reaching for over-the-counter or prescription meds. But there’s just something about the neti pot [3] that’s kept me from going there … What was it again? Oh yeah: It seemed too gross! (“You want me to put this where?”)

But when I saw the neti pot in action on Oprah [4], I realized I was being sort of ridiculous. So I tried it. And guess what: It’s transforming!

Okay, so the first time felt a teensy bit like waterboarding, but it wasn’t traumatic. And the second time I got it. While I’m not quite as efficient as this woman [5], it’s not the disgusting mess I anticipated, and you do feel better afterward, like you do after a workout. Alright, not that good. But really good in the sinus/nose area — like when you take your first big breath of fresh air on a beautiful, crisp day.

I’m not prone to sinus infections, but if you are, a good “blow-out” with a neti pot is probably miraculous. And it’s cheaper than a doctor’s visit to give it a try!

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