Living Roundup: Obama’s Green Proposal, How to Get What You Want & More

Gaiam Staff by Gaiam Staff | February 15th, 2008 | 3 Comments
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Every week we highlight the best articles, blogs, news, videos and interesting Web tidbits to help you live green, be healthy, and connect with your sense of spirituality. Read our roundup for info that just helps you live better.

Being Clear About Desires: Getting What We Want

The best way to get what we want from life is to first know what we want. If we haven’t taken the time to really understand and identify what would truly make us happy, we won’t be able to ask for it from those around us or from the universe. (Daily Om)

I Love You, but You Love Meat

Sharing meals has always been an important courtship ritual and a metaphor for love. But in an age when many people define themselves by what they will eat and what they won’t, dietary differences can put a strain on a romantic relationship. (New York Times)

Children May Have Cholesterol Problems, Too

High cholesterol levels are not limited to adults. Children may have high cholesterol, too, even if they’re not overweight. With time, cholesterol overload poses the same hazards adults face: clogged arteries and heart injury. (Organic Authority)

Colin Firth’s Eco Store

Colin Firth (of Bridget Jones and Mr. Darcy/Jane Austen fame) and his wife have opened a beautiful 3-story store, called Eco-Age, selling ecological products and accessories. The building itself has been renovated to a high ecological, sustainable standard, including limecrete and recycled wood flooring, recycled furnishings and greywater lavatory. (TreeHugger)

Should We Leave The Shoots?

With consumers trying to reduce their impact on the environment, bamboo products are practically spilling off the shelves. But when EcoTimber, a sustainable wood supplier, launched its new line of strand-woven bamboo flooring this month, we finally had to ask: Is bamboo really as green as it’s cracked up to be? (Dwell)

Obama proposes $150 billion for Green Collar jobs

A larger part of a proposed $210 billion bill for new jobs by Obama would create 5 million Green Collar jobs to develop more environmentally friendly energy sources. (AP/Yahoo News)

How Oily Is Your Candidate?

Follow the Oil Money is an interactive tool that tracks the flow of oil money into US politics. Click on the search tools to find out which companies are pumping oil money into politics, and who is receiving it. (Oil Change International)

Losing Our Lakes – A Photogallery

Large and small bodies of water from Australia to Chile to China to Kenya to Central Asia to South Carolina are sadly deteroirating because of drought, global warming, chemical pollution, increased water demand, excessive fishing and other factors. (Newsweek)


  1. A great collection of links this week. I hope everyone is looking into the presidential candidates very thoroughly.

    Victoria E | February 15th, 2008 | Comment Permalink
  2. I definitely like what Obama is bringing to the table! I’d love to see our economy powered by a green workforce in the future

    Joe Rogel | February 15th, 2008 | Comment Permalink
  3. Thanks for putting up this collection of links. I think that the first link about knowing what we want is important not only on a personal level, but on a national and global level as well. It will define what humanity will be remembered for living on this planet!

    Cherry Wood Floors | August 2nd, 2010 | Comment Permalink

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