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In Tough Times, Yoga Retreats Prop People Up

Posted By Jill Miller On June 16, 2009 @ 7:47 pm In Personal Growth, Yoga | 5 Comments

Guiding my students into a deeper Side Angle Pose in the woods of Omega, 2009. [1]

Guiding my students into a deeper Side Angle Pose in the woods of Omega, 2009.

Stacks of unfinished work, money worries … Burnt out? When was the last time you had a chance to get beyond stretching out the daily knots of life when you unroll your yoga mat [2]? Two words: yoga retreat. It’s probably the best not-so-secret secret in the yoga [3] world. And here’s how you can  justify taking one this year.

1. You’ll strengthen your ability to manage challenging times

When you’re depleted, you’re less able to manage stress [4] and give to others who depend on you — at work and in your family life and personal relationships [5]. A yoga retreat fills you up again. It can help return you to your best self so you are better equipped to face the daily grind. It’s a chance to turn back, look in and accelerate growth — to transport yourself your yoga practice to another level.

Here’s how a typical yoga retreat can do this:

Day 1: You arrive filled with a mixture of gleeful anticipation, trepidation and travel exhaustion. A great day for a massage [6] or a soak in the lake [7], hot tub or mineral bath [8].

Day 2: After hours of transformational yoga and self-nurturing, you are no longer a burnt-out shell. You begin to feel your own inner fire again. A perfect day to hike with a classmate.

A Retreat can blow you open to transformation!
A retreat can blow you open to transformation!

Day 3: Your strengthened body is cooperating with your heart. You listen to your inner signals and and truths with new-found compassion [9]. An ideal time to meditate [10] alone at a hilltop sanctuary or in a field of flowers …. A random deer may say hello!

Day 4 and beyond: The physical and emotional bonuses keep rolling in: You’re feeling safe and comfortable with a sense of relief at being able to let down your guard, grieve, laugh, and process your inner world. Palpable changes emerge each day as the yoga chips away at old habits, both physical and mental. The longer the retreat, the easier it is to maintain these changes.

2. You don’t have to fly to India

Even in this challenging economy, there are affordable escapes close to home. Some of my favorite retreat centers where I teach my Yoga Tune Up® [11] retreats each year are right here in the U.S. The faculty, staff and support are mind-blowing, and each center has its own unique culture. See for yourself!

May I suggest …

Do you have a favorite? Add your comment below!

A yoga retreat can be the catalyst for life-changing experiences, a refinement of your practice and breakthroughs. I hope you will nurture your spirit and give yourself the gift of a retreat.

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