How to Tap Into the Extraordinary

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In the middle of 2013 I met Julia, who told me a story about a voice that woke her in the middle of the night. She wasn’t scared when it asked her, “Do you want me to heal your heart?” Julia had had a congenital heart problem since she was a child. Now pregnant, this heart problem rendered a natural childbirth unsafe for her as well as her child. So when the voice asked her, “Do you want me to heal your heart?” Julia said “yes” without hesitation.

I listened closely, fascinated. Julia is a neuroscientist, and carries a healthy dose of skepticism into all aspects of her life. Still, she was willing to allow the possibility that this voice, which offered to heal her heart and then did (her congenital heart problem had all but disappeared according to doctors the next day), was real. (Watch the full story here.) I was inspired by the fact that she could both accept as well as question this extraordinary experience.

The Extraordinary Project

I had thought, for years, that it was only me who had weird coincidences, premonitory feelings about the future, and telepathic moments with strangers. As it turns out, nearly one-third of the population notices these experiences, but few discuss them at any length.

In the last part of 2013, I started gathering anecdotes like Julia’s for The Extraordinary Project, a collection of true stories about our most unusual human experiences. Extraordinary experiences are those moments that happen to us that don’t make logical sense, that go against science or mathematical probability, but that do in fact occur and change our perspective in some way.

I expected to run into a lot of haters when I started asking people if they ever felt like their pet was talking to them, or if they had ever experienced the exact right “gift” from the universe without making any direct or indirect effort. Instead, I found that many had stories to share, and still more are willing to accept these experiences as real and valuable in some way.

Extraordinary women

I learned a lot of other truths from these stories, too. Women who work with life and death — either as midwives, doulas or hospice workers — report many extraordinary experiences in their day-to-day lives, both at home and at work. Women with a strong sense of self who take intuitive chances tend to have extraordinary experiences on their path to finding what it is that they want. Finally, I found that many women agree with me that these experiences are not “psychic” or “mystical” so much as a yet-to-be-explained aspect of human wisdom and communication.

For these reasons, 2013 was an unbelievable surprise. I didn’t expect to find so much support and validation on the topic of the extraordinary. If there’s one thing I can take with me into the New Year, it’s that we need to talk more about our extraordinary experiences. Thankfully, plenty of women (and men) seem ready for the conversation.

Share your story

Share your extraordinary experience and let it inspire others. I am actively seeking stories of unusual human experiences at Tell me yours!


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