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How to Exercise When You Have No Space or Time to Exercise

Posted By Chris Freytag On December 23, 2008 @ 3:48 pm In Fitness, Weight Loss | 6 Comments

Time To Work Out [1]I know we are all carefully choreographing our schedules at this time of year [2]and the holiday hoop-la and social events can put our fitness routines in a parking spot.  SO – I’ll remind you that exercise does not require a whole lot of space or a big chunk of time [3]!

I was teaching my class this morning as I do every Wednesday.  It is a total body conditioning [4]class in which we used a step platform, hand weights [5]and a resistance band [6].  The room is always packed, around 70 people, and each participant literally gets about a 3’ x3’ area to move in.  I had a gal after class today come up to me and say,  “I can’t believe in this crowded room where we could barely move too far right or left that we got such a great workout.“  She’s correct…I often remind the class that we are burning like 600 calories without moving out of our little space.

Using the platform, we stepped up and down and did lots of creative athletic drills. We used the hand weights and resistance bands to do strength moves.  We kept our heart rate up as we moved to the beat of the fun music.  I burned as many calories as I do when I run 4-5 miles!

It motivated me to blog about exercise anywhere, anytime. You don’t need a lot of space to burn a lot of calories — you need creativity!   It doesn’t matter if you have a huge workout room or a small corner in your apartment – you can do it.  If creativity isn’t your long suit, then try one of Gaiam’s many workout DVD’s [7].  No large space required.  Just the will to work hard and burn up the calories [8].  Most Fitness DVD’s are based on short, effective segments where you can do one 15 min workout in the morning and one at night.  Which leads me to the “anytime” thing… the calories burned with Matt Lauer at 6 am are the same calories you burn with Jay Leno at 11 pm.  It doesn’t matter what time of day you chose to move!

No more excuses…it doesn’t take a lot of time or space.  Think outside the box….or I mean stay inside the box. Just kidding, sort of.

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