Happy Birthday Earth Day!

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Get ready for the sustainable celebration of the year!

Happy Earth Day 2010! This April will mark four decades of organized environmental awareness. And, given the current economic, environmental and energy crises, it’s clear that Earth Day is no longer a “holiday” reserved for hippies. We all have stake in planet Earth. Accordingly, significant action must continue in order to sustain our planet and the people she supports.

On April 22, folks all over the globe will come out in droves to pay tribute to our planet. Communities and college campuses will host eco-events, celebrations and demonstrations. Artists will display sculptures made from recycled materials, musicians will perform songs that address sustainability and young children will participate in Earth education activities.

And there’s more: Multi-national corporations will sponsor events and donate large sums of money to environmental causes. The day may inspire a community to begin a recycling or a composting program. An increased awareness of species loss may prompt the eventual removal of a threatened animal or plant from the endangered species list.

What eco-action will you take on Earth Day’s 40th? Better yet, what eco-action will you take today?

Forty years ago, Gaylord Nelson, a democratic senator from Wisconsin, founded Earth Day as an environmental teach-in. Today, contemporary citizens of Earth, residing in countries all over the planet, recognize April 22 as a day to not only educate friends, children and neighbors, but also as a day to make eco-resolutions, petition for better corporate, environmental and social practices and rejoice upon our beautiful, supportive planet. What will you celebrate and what will you vow to do better this year?

Celebrate Earth Day’s 40th by resolving to take better care of the Earth and yourself!

This year, why not resolve to spend more time outdoors in our earthly playground? Swim in oceans, lakes and creeks. Hike more and take long strolls in the woods. Really enjoy the planet that we’re working so hard to protect.

If you haven’t already, start composting. Get involved with an Earth education program and help develop our planet’s small stewards. Try to shop for products that are produced within a 100-mile radius of your home. Demand organic and fair trade products with your dollar. Educate yourself and others on corporate greenwashing tactics and get clear on who are the legitimate good, green guys — then support them.

Here at Gaiam, we’ve been trying to treat every day like Earth Day, and although we know that we can do better — we all can — we’re feeling pretty good about some of our eco-accomplishments.

Four years ago, we launched our Go Zero program, the world’s first carbon-neutral shipping program. Since its onset in 2006, we’ve given you and all our customers the option to pay just an extra $2 per order and we’ll plant a tree to offset the carbon created by shipping your order. Since June of 2006, you’ve helped us and The Conservation Fund plant roughly 128,396 trees, which will offset more than 101,208 tons of CO2 in their lifetime!

We’ve committed to using green materials. More than 95 percent of the cotton that we use in our textiles is certified organic, and all of our DVDs are packaged with 100 percent post-consumer recycled materials.

We operate Zero Waste facilities. Almost all of the waste at our offices is either recycled or composted. And, our Boulder, Colo., headquarters campus is solar-powered and renovated with eco-friendly flooring and low-VOC paints. It also features a progressive Zero Waste program and café, which serves local, organic foods.

We’re committed to only carrying products that are produced in a fair and sustainable manner. In order to ensure ethical labor standards, we randomly audit all of our manufacturing vendors, via a third-party social audit firm.

We donate to social causes and support eco-education programs, like the Solar Living Institute, which teaches about 200,000 visitors a year about living sustainably.

And, of course, we couldn’t take a lot of this eco-action without your continued support and like-minded vision for a healthier planet and people. So, whether you plan to participate in a community or educational event this Earth Day or opt to quietly enjoy the day while you thoughtfully resolve to up your dedication to protecting the planet, we applaud and encourage your efforts and thank you for your continued support of ours.


Make a list of all your positive eco-actions. Before you resolve to make more Earth-friendly choices, recognize all that you already do.

This month:

Get your Earth Day eco-merrymaking on! Make an Earth Day resolution. How will you improve your eco-behavior this year? Shoot big, but remember to make it something that’s attainable, like no more paper cups — period!

This year:

Strive to treat every day like it’s Earth Day, because when you really think on it, every day is!

Happy Birthday Earth Day!:)


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