Grass Roots Green: Humble Things in Nature Can ‘Make’ a Room

Cheryl Terrace by Cheryl Terrace | September 24th, 2009 | No Comments
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cropped2ndblogI have always been a frugalista, eco-fashionista, and precycler — I just didn’t know the labels! Eco thinking is embodied in my everyday behavior and the natural way I have always designed spaces, which I refer to as conscious design. Having elements from nature in a home environment signals a presence of life supporting systems, which inherently give us a feel-good-green-vibe. The good news (really good news these days) is that it is not expensive; in fact, it’s often free!

People have been using plants, flowers, rocks, branches and shells since time immemorial to bring the beauty of nature indoors. One of my favorite tables is a tree stump. I’ve created hanging rods from elegant branches and have even wrapped the standpipe in my 1930s bathroom in birch bark to mimic a tree. Sometimes the most humble items turn out to be our most prized possessions. After all, how many bowls of fruit have been painted in history?


Behold, my beloved tree stump table

We all have the ability to connect with our homes in an enriching and healthy way without spending a lot of money, especially now when many of us are spending more time at home given the ‘economic climate’ (or whatever the euphemism of the day is). It is a time to make home matter. Call it Grass Roots Green, Eco Chic Elements, Super Groovy Sustainable … There’s no lack of terms these days. It’s just about connecting to a bigger picture to honor the majesty of our Earth. Make your own eco statement.


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