Fastest Ways to Tighten Your Booty

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We typically think of  “swim suit season” as the time of year we all focus on our buns. But I’ve been inundated with booty questions lately, so I thought I’d write about how to firm it up!

The human body is the most highly adaptive “machine” on the planet, and no body part is better evidence of that than our backside!  Our glutes have the potential to be the strongest muscle in our body, giving us the power to lift children, carry heavy bags of groceries up stairs, and run, jump and play. The more we use them, the more powerful they become.

Unfortunately, the opposite is just as true. The more we sit, the softer our seat. With all the time we spend parked in car seats, office chairs, family room couches and restaurant booths, most of us have spent years developing a pretty cushy tush. Worsening the situation, like our thighs, our buns are one of Mother Nature’s favorite places to store “fuel reserves” in case of famine. So along with soft muscles, you likely also have excess fat wreaking havoc on your bottom line.

Tone with cardio and strength

For shaping the backside, lunges and squats are your main ticket for success. However, it’s also obviously important to burn the fat that covers the beautiful muscle underneath. So cardio exercise is once again needed to shed the extra padding. That being said, many of you ask me what’s the FASTEST way to tone the buns. If you are short on time or just want to change up your workouts,  I recommend  a program of cardio and strength combine in circuits for the best bang for your buck (or butt in this case).

For instance, start with a glute strengthening exercise (like alternating lunges) to get your heart rate up and burn extra calories while still using the buns to do most of the work. Add an overhead shoulder press to incorporate more muscle groups and increase the heart rate even more due to the added hand weights and your arms moving above your heart. Then finish off the circuit with a burst of calisthenics such as jumping jacks, split jumps or high knees. Recover for 30 seconds and do that three-minute segment again. By following a circuit type workout involving strength and cardio, the result will be a tighter, firmer backside that helps you ski down mountains, walk up flights of stairs, and live your life more energetically.

Try a DVD or new fitness tools

If creating your own circuits is less than motivating, let us help you out! Try one of these workout DVDs to boost your metabolism and sculpt your lower body: Drop It in 30, Fight Cellulite Fast or Shape®: Make Over Your Hips, Butt & Thighs.

Need fitness equipment to help you tone? The Biggest Loser™ — Total Body Bands and The FIRM® CardioWeight™ System are both effective tools for cardio and muscle sculpting workouts.

Add some lunges and squats to walking

I must mention that so many walkers tell me they can’t seem to firm up their backside with walking alone. Walking is by far the most doable, convenient form of aerobic exercise, and I’m a big fan. However, by incorporating several sets of lunges and squats a few days a week, you should see a difference in your view from behind!

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Just Give it Two Weeks!  Check out my new book 2-Week Total Body Turnaround.

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  4. Just a quick comment to say I love the site.

    I am a great fan of walking for weight loss, health and fitness as well. I met a lady this week after three years, and she had lost four stones in that time (UK speak – 56pounds for the rest of the world).I actually didn’t recognize her – how had she done it!. One big factor – she disciplined herself to walk 3 miles 3 times a week.

    Awesome. and she looked great!!

    Marie Kearney Gordon | October 2nd, 2010 | Comment Permalink

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