Brad Pitt, Jeremy Piven, and Others Go Green

Suzanne Byrne by Suzanne Byrne | December 7th, 2007 | No Comments
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I could watch Brad Pitt all week… which is good because I have been watching him all week.

Angelina Jolie’s better half has been on the Today Show and Larry King Live this week, among others, to talk about the Make It Right foundation, a campaign he’s spearheading to build 150 eco-friendly homes in New Orleans’ hurricane-ravaged Ninth Ward. The new homes will have solar panels, energy-efficient lights and appliances and biodegradable flooring made with natural products. Even the paint will have little or no VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions to support improved indoor air quality for homeowners.

Of course Brad also fielded questions about Angelina and the Jolie-Pitt gang. In brief… How is Angie as a mom? Dedicated, inventive and protective. Does he want more kids? Yup. Will he continue acting? Yes, but it’s less of a focus.

Back to Make It Right, everything for the homes — from the oak trees in the yard to the thermostats — can be donated. And Brad’s putting his money where his mouth is as he’s already gifted the organization $5 million.

New mom Kellie Martin, who appeared on shows like ER and Life Goes On, tells People magazine that in Hollywood, green parenting isn’t just about eco-friendly diapers and hybrid cars. The actress thinks green when it comes to feeding her daughter, Maggie, 1. “I try to cook everything myself. That way. I don’t throw away any containers and I know exactly what she eats.”

Don’t feel bad if you don’t have time to do that, working moms and dads. Remember: Kellie’s last acting gig ended in 2000. God bless residual checks.

Speaking of stars making their way back into the spotlight, Ed Begley Jr. is everywhere lately because he’s one of Hollywood’s biggest green guys. In fact, long before it was trendy, his home was solar powered and he primarily used his bike and public transportation. Next week, the former St. Elsewhere actor will be heading up the Hollywood Goes Green conference — the first conference that will explore ways for industry insiders to collaborate on ways to protect the environment.

Lastly, over the weekend I was DVR cleaning (kinda like spring cleaning… for my TV) and caught up on last season’s Entourage. What a jerk that foulmouthed Ari Gold is, right?! Well, apparently Jeremy Piven is better in real life… at least when it comes to the environment. caught the star getting into his new BMW Hydrogen 7 recently and the actor told the cameraman: “If you get more hydrogen stations and you tell the governor like [Arnold] Schwarzenegger to put more hydrogen stations, we can have cars like this, ultimately. They will probably be ready in like 10 years.”

I’m so used to hearing curses fly outta the Jeremy’s mouth (on TV, of course) that I was shocked to hear him taking a stand on the environment. Three cheers for the Piv.


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