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Boost Your Life Force and Metabolism!

Posted By Tanja Djelevic On March 14, 2008 @ 12:24 am In Fitness | 5 Comments

Even if you are an avid fitness enthusiast and keep a consistent training regimen, the likelihood of you hitting a plateau with your progress and energy level is an absolute. Your body’s energy systems works hard on adapting to the present energy output. So when you have done the same thing or been stuck in a rut for a while you will slowly feel the body change less and less frequently. Maybe it shows up as actually weight gain, or a lack of energy. The bottom line is: you need to change it up, shock your body, and give it something to chew on!

This happens not only to your physical body, but to your mind as well. Do you ever have those thoughts of standing still, or feeling a bit stuck when it comes to certain situations in your life? An uncomfortable feeling starts growing inside, and we start searching for a change.

My two favorite ways to break through a plateau is to add a plyometric routine to your regular workout. Plyometrics is defined as “exercises that enable a muscle to reach maximum strength in as short a time as possible.” It can be as simple as adding a few jumps to your routine, if it feels safe to do so of course. One ply routine that you can try is to do 3 sets of 20 squat jumps 3 times per week, in the middle of your regular workout. They are not only energizing but a great way to now incorporate all that core work you have been working. You’ll be surprised by how much energy you can gain after just one week, not to mention the boost in your metabolism!

Now transfer that process to real life. What needs a boost in your daily life for change to happen? Is there an area where you feel you want to improve, and which are the tools you can use? Is there lack and longing for focus, then a daily short meditation practice can be implemented. Or is there lack of motivation right at this present time? Perhaps someone else’s life story of overcoming hurdles in the form of an inspiring book is the right tool to use. Personally I like to read some poetry for instant inspiration, listen mindfully to the lyrics of my favorite musical artist, or read a new book. It doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated to create change in the status quo. Only action.

Here’s a quick energy booster workout:

1. After a short warm up do 5 sun salutations in a row. Be mindful of breath and movement. Reach arms overhead, do a swan dive forward, stay in a forward bend for a few breaths, and the return to standing.
2. Squat deep, and jump up in the air, just to land back into another squat. Repeat for 20 if you can.
3. Do 3 sets of a 30 second plank (a push up position).
4. Repeat the squat sequence
5. Do 10 slow roll ups lying on the floor.
6. Repeat the squat jump sequence a third time

Repeat this short energy workout three times a week for two weeks, and experience a uplift in your energy and metabolism…and in your smile!

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