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Stressed? Don’t work out longer; just shake things up

Tanja Djelevic by Tanja Djelevic | December 1st, 2008 | 3 Comments
topic: Fitness, Health & Wellness

Many people think that tons of rigorous workouts help relieve stress. But research shows that it can actually have the opposite effect. Changing up your routine can ease stress more effectively than doing MORE of the same.

You can change your workout routine in many ways including …

3 Steps to Creating Healthier Habits

Tanja Djelevic by Tanja Djelevic | November 24th, 2008 | 1 Comment
topic: Fitness, Health & Wellness

I realized early in life that my health is a privilege I am willing to invest in every single day. I’ve taught my body to train in an almost meditative manner, where my focus is complete. It is not always like that, and I don’t work out when I’m sick. But when I’m healthy, I follow my plan — because I know that in the big picture, every drop of sweat and effort I spend toward my health and well-being is worth it. That is the reality.

3 hot workouts to pump up your winter motivation

Tanja Djelevic by Tanja Djelevic | October 30th, 2008 | 2 Comments
topic: Fitness

Fall is here! And since colder nights are a natural sign for the body to start slowing down, it can be difficult to find motivation to work out this time of year. Yet it’s not an obstacle — merely a bump in the road on your exciting journey to a healthier body and lifestyle.

How to Use Your To-Do’s to Fit in Some Exercise

Tanja Djelevic by Tanja Djelevic | September 30th, 2008 | 2 Comments
topic: Fitness

Fitness To-Do ListI get this question a lot: “How can I fit exercise into my super-busy life?”

We all have different life experiences, yet we all share this one need: to move! The body needs it, the mind, our hearts, our organs, our moods … all of it depends on the general wellness of the body. But some of you are home with three kids and a dog and chores all day long, or at work behind a desk, with no chance to go to a gym during the week.

How I Got the Walking Woman to Do Sprint Intervals

Tanja Djelevic by Tanja Djelevic | September 15th, 2008 | 3 Comments
topic: Fitness

Recently I was a first-time substitute at a very fancy treadmill studio in one of the affluent neighborhoods in L.A. The studio has top-of-the-line equipment and a stellar reputation, and the clientele is demanding and particular.

You CAN Do a Kettle Bell Workout

Tanja Djelevic by Tanja Djelevic | August 28th, 2008 | 2 Comments
topic: Fitness

I’m back from a vacation in Egypt — with new energy and inspiration. Now that I’m back at the gym, thinking about the challenges workers faced to build those magnificent monuments brings to mind one of my favorite mantras, “I can” … and how this simple statement can motivate you to try new things, like the hot workout buzz that was all around me when I returned from my trip: kettle bells!

Healing Through Movement

Tanja Djelevic by Tanja Djelevic | August 14th, 2008 | 6 Comments
topic: Fitness, Health & Wellness, Personal Growth

Our body heals through movement. It is a bold statement to print without backing it with references to studies, which would rather be my style and desire, but then there is something to say about the innate intuition of something that feels right (and of course there are tons of studies done).

Boost Your Life Force and Metabolism!

Tanja Djelevic by Tanja Djelevic | March 14th, 2008 | 5 Comments
topic: Fitness

Even if you are an avid fitness enthusiast and keep a consistent training regimen, the likelihood of you hitting a plateau with your progress and energy level is an absolute. Your body’s energy systems works hard on adapting to the present energy output. So when you have done the same thing or been stuck in a rut for a while you will slowly feel the body change less and less frequently. Maybe it shows up as actually weight gain, or a lack of energy. The bottom line is: you need to change it up, shock your body, and give it something to chew on!

Inner Strength and Beauty

Tanja Djelevic by Tanja Djelevic | March 5th, 2008 | No Comments
topic: Fitness

The Core is an essential part of your physical strength and stability. It can at the same time be translated into being the essence of the inner YOU, where you build inner strength and create the energy you use. The muscles involved are the ones which support the back, and access and contract the deeper abdominals, instead of just the “six-pack.” A basketball player who has good core control can both jump higher, shoot further and run faster. The same goes for any other sport. In real life the core is what keeps our back healthy and supported and  our shoulder and hip girdle working in symphony! If you have good core control, it can save you from injuries you might be prone to. In essence, good core control means good posture, strength, flexibility and most of all stability. In the same way you can use the core as an analogy for building inner strength and energy for life.

Welcome: Find the JOY of being YOU!

Tanja Djelevic by Tanja Djelevic | February 21st, 2008 | 5 Comments
topic: Fitness

When I started jazz ballet and folk dance at a very young age, it brought me so much joy! It was the catalyst that led me to study many forms of movement including Pilates, kickboxing, body sculpting, yoga, and functional training (training for movements that are part of everyday life and your core sports or favorite physical activities).