Marc Santa Maria

Marc Santa Maria
For nearly a dozen years, Marc Santa Maria has taught edgy and powerful hip-hop and strength-based classes throughout the U.S. and the world, including Russia, Japan, Canada, Italy, Ireland, Mexico, Thailand, England, South Africa, Norway, Hong Kong, Sweden, Finland and the Netherlands. He has served as Creative Consultant for more than 60 different dance, action/sports-based, and wellness-inspired workouts that have launched in gyms across the United States and Europe. As the Crunch New York Regional Director of Group Fitness, he currently oversees more than 500 weekly classes in the NY area. Marc has also been a Nike Elite Athlete & Master Trainer for five years. He was selected by NBC Studios’ iVillage as their “High Energy Lifestyle & Wellness Coach” and last summer was selected by the television show LX-NY as one of the Top 5 “Hunkiest Trainers” in New York City. Marc has trained a select group of private clients in both fitness and dance, including actress Sarah Jessica Parker and singer Juliana Joya. Please visit for more details.

Romeo, Wherefore Art Thou Hopeful?

Marc Santa Maria by Marc Santa Maria | May 1st, 2012 | No Comments
topic: Personal Growth, Relationships

I’m a 43-year-old Romeo. Seriously. At the ripe, sweet age of 43, I’m playing the star-crossed lover in the Shakespeare classic. It was a surprise to me when the director casting this production asked me to play young Romeo. When I stop to think about it, it cracks me up. I mean, this character typically is seen as a horny, brash teenager on the brink of becoming a man and discovering true love.

Ah, true love! It’s a common enough phrase and yet I do believe it’s not actually all that common in our world.

How to Keep Your Workout Routine Anything But Routine

Marc Santa Maria by Marc Santa Maria | January 9th, 2012 | No Comments
topic: Fitness

Workout RoutineA “routine” is a sequence of actions that are regularly followed — in other words, a fixed program. I love a good routine. In my head, I call them rituals, because it makes it seem more special. For example, every morning I have my coffee-making ritual. I’ve got my special glass where I heat the milk (via microwave), and I use this really cool milk frother immediately after. It adds an extra “wow!” to my morning drink. Right off the bat, it puts me in a great mood and is an awesome start to my day.