3 Places Where Germs Survive a Typical Spring Cleaning

Ginny Figlar Colón by Ginny Figlar Colón | May 11th, 2009 | No Comments
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If your life is anything like mine, spring cleaning does not get completed in one fell swoop. Mine’s dragged out for weeks. But this weekend, my hissing air purifier reminded me of a few places germs love to hide out while we’re all distracted with cleaning out our closets, scrubbing our grout and weeding our gardens.

When you need a break between dandelions, don’t forget to:

1. Purify the purifier

If you let your air purifier go too long between regular cleanings and replacement filters, it can get too gunked up to work properly. Yes, it’s a dirty job, but it’s also very satisfying to see all the stuff you and your family didn’t breathe. I was a little intimidated to open up the machine and clean it myself, but the user manual walked me through it. (If you can’t find your manual, go to the website for the seller or manufacturer for help.)

2. Disinfect the faucet aerator

Your faucet has clean water running through it every day. But, did you know it can also harbor some serious germs and bacteria? Periodically remove the screen and disinfect it by placing it in boiling water with a tablespoon of white vinegar (instead of bleach). Read more about health-safe disinfectants here.

3. Banish dust mites from your bedding

On a sunny day, it’s common in Sweden (where I live) to see people’s bed quilts hanging out the windows. For a country that doesn’t get to see much sun for more than half of the year, they certainly do appreciate the benefits of those ultraviolet rays. Killing dust mites appears to be top of mind; hanging your quilt in the sun for a few hours will kill the microscopic suckers. Washing your organic sheets in hot water with a temperature above 140 degrees will also kill dust mites, but line drying in the sun is an eco-friendlier way to achieve the same result — and air drying your laundry could save you around $135 a year in energy costs.

Where else do you search and destroy germs missed by spring cleaning?


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