3 Essential Ingredients to Clarifying and Living Your True Purpose & Passion

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Are you becoming aware that something inside of you is waking up and demanding to be expressed, because settling for a mediocre, mundane life just isn’t cutting it anymore? That’s because you’re here for greatness, and it’s time to live your purpose.

If you’re embracing the 2012 shift in consciousness, you’ve probably realized that when it comes to taking risks, sometimes you simply don’t have a choice.

One of the tricky parts of this is that sometimes you’re drawn to things that also bring up a lot of fear in you. Maybe you want to do something like speak on stage in front of people, or you dream of taking out a loan and starting a boutique or restaurant. Those actions can be frightening or even downright terrifying!

But don’t discount your desires because of the fear. The fear is a clue pointing you in the direction of your true divine mission and purpose.

The first essential ingredient to living your purpose and passions is: Send your inner perfectionist on a vacation!

You’re never going to know exactly what you’re doing, and you’re never going to have all your ducks in a row. Adults have something that I like to call “Adult Expertise Insistence Syndrome,” where we think we have to have it all together, all the time, and know how to do things we’ve never done.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist or have a Ph.D. or study something for ten years to take a risk and invest some time in a new direction. Maybe you’re interested in the healing arts, coaching, writing, art or a heart-centered business endeavor, but you’ve never been an entrepreneur before. Life is too short to shove these interests aside simply because you may not have all the information or perhaps don’t know where to begin.

Living your purpose and passions means learning to be a beginner again, to be a student of life … to be uncomfortable, perhaps. But the truth is, if you’re not uncomfortable sometimes, you’re probably not really growing or tasting the sweet passion life is here to share with you.

And if we don’t trust these passions, how can we ever learn to trust ourselves and our intuition?

That brings us to the second essential ingredient to clarifying and living your purpose and passions: Develop an intimate relationship with your intuition and your soul guidance.

Your passions were given to you by Spirit. How else would your guidance system talk to you if not through your desires, your passions, those things that wake you up and make you feel alive?

You’re meant to feel the sweet thrill of life, that creative surge of excitement. Then you can choose in the direction of those things that light you up.

We need to retrain ourselves to trust our desires and move toward them. However, when we begin to think about building a life around our choices, fear will likely rear its head.

The third essential ingredient to clarifying and living your purpose and passion in your career: Invite all your fears and inner voices to “buy into” your purpose and dream career.

You’ve probably experienced moments of divine inspiration — times when you could clearly hear your intuition. Unfortunately, as quickly as the inspiration comes, it will often get drowned out by parts of your subconscious mind and voices of fear that aren’t okay with you attempting to do something you’ve never done before.

Most likely, you have anxious voices that arise as you attempt to move forward or get clear. These voices might criticize you, or call you a dreamer, or tell you to come back to reality, or that you’re not good enough or smart enough, or that you have too much else to worry about.

Give yourself permission to dream and to trust your intuition. Quiet these voices by acknowledging the fears and asking what they need. Maybe they need to know you’re going to be able to pay rent … VALID! These voices likely have legitimate concerns and the more you’re able to embrace their needs and not make them wrong, the more they’ll buy into your dreams.

Make a commitment to yourself that you won’t put yourself in a position of being without rent money or funds for your family, and then ask for guidance regarding how to follow your dreams and be responsible.

If you’re considering a passion-based business as part of your plan for 2012, you need a structure and support that will allow you to learn to make empowered choices, uncover your life purpose and divine mission, set goals and create a purposeful business plan.

At Women on Purpose, we are committed to sharing how to build businesses aligned with principles of integrity, truth and honesty. We’ve worked with more than a thousand women to open their channel to spiritual guidance so that they can be the messengers they are truly here to be and live a life in alignment with their authentic selves.

Women on Purpose is offering a free interview series Jan. 24 – March 22, joining forces with personal development experts such as Dr. Sue Morter and Janet Bray Attwood, as well as business experts such as Suzanne Falter-Barns and Kendall SummerHawk.

During these nine weeks (not nine months!) of business breakthroughs, 27 spiritual business experts – “midwives” – are going to help you birth your creative venture and teach you to create a viable plan to serve others and make money with your gift.

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At the Vancouver Peace Summit in 2009, His Holiness the Dalai Lama said, “The world will be saved by the Western Woman.” He didn’t mean one western woman. He meant us: you and me. And getting your message out there into the world is your first contribution!

Sage Lavine is a Spiritual Business Coach and Purpose Mentor for Women Entrepreneurs. Sage is the CEO of Purpose2Prosperity and host of the Women on Purpose telesummit series, which has inspired more than 4,000 women in 67 countries. Sage teaches women entrepreneurs to fill their practices and create sustainable financial and spiritual wealth through creating a business they love.


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