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Yoga at Work: 5 Poses to Do at Your Desk

Posted By Gwen Lawrence On August 13, 2012 @ 3:35 pm In Fitness, Yoga | 2 Comments

Desk Yoga [1]

How much more productive [2] would you be if you could clear your mind by opening your body? If you sit at a desk all day [3], taking periodic breaks to move your body can counteract chronic “desk slump” and reduce stress and muscle tension.

Since yoga is all about balance [4], it is the perfect tool for creating a happy, stress-free body. When your body is in this state, your mind is more focused, making you a more productive and valuable employee.

In order to bring the body into balance and increase blood flow and oxygenation, do the following desk yoga routine [5] at least once a day. Need a reminder? Write yourself a Post-it note! I’ll bet you have some in your desk…

Desk yoga poses

1. Shoulder Rolls: To release tension in your shoulders and upper back, shrug your shoulders towards your ears and roll them back down your back a few times. Repeat, rolling your shoulders forward.

2. Wrist Openers: These will combat carpal tunnel syndrome as well as arm and shoulder tension. Click here for a how-to [6].

3. Neck Rolls: To relieve tension in your neck, drop your right ear to your right shoulder, then roll your neck in a few slow circles. Repeat on the left side, rolling in the opposite direction.

4. Seated Pigeon: Use this pose to counter tight hips from long hours spent sitting. Click here to learn Seated Pigeon [7].

5. Seated Twists: Use these exercises to wring out the spine and increase energy and vitality. Click here for a video tutorial [8].

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