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SUP Yoga

With more than 20 million yoga practitioners in the United States alone, yoga is becoming part of mainstream culture — and making its own news headlines! Here’s what you should know when you hit the mat:

Yoga Helps Women With Breast Cancer

Yoga can ease pain and depression among women battling breast cancer, a new study has found.

The study included 191 breast cancer patients and linked yoga to improvements in quality of life, including measures of mood, pain and fatigue. In addition, practicing yoga appeared to help patients regulate the stress hormone cortisol, an increase in which is tied to poor survival among breast cancer patients.

New research is also confirming that the mind-body elements of practicing yoga aid in fighting cancer. Read on.

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Chicago-Area School Bans Yoga Pants

Haven Middle School in Evanston, Ill, a pubic school, has banned yoga pants because they “distract the boys.”

Some students and parents are outraged, arguing that banning yoga pants is a slippery slope that blames girls and their bodies for boys’ behavior. Read on.

Teaching Students to Combat Poverty on the Yoga Mat

Schools such as Cesar Chavez Academy in East Palo Alto, Calif., are beginning to offer yoga as a method for children to combat the stresses involved with poverty.

The 7th graders at Cesar Chavez are practicing yoga as a way to cope with homelessness, shootings and gang drama, as yoga has been proven to help with PTSD. The yoga classes aim to help students reach their potential through mindfulness techniques, learned through breath and motion. Read on.

Drug-Addicted Inmates Offered Yoga and Acupuncture to Break Habit

More prisoners now have access to ‘holistic therapies’ behind bars, including yoga, acupuncture and massage.

The treatment and courses are primarily being offered to inmates who have had problems with drugs or alcohol and want to get clean.

The Drug Recovery Wings were launched by five jails in 2011 and are aimed at prisoners servicing short sentences. Read on.

Take Yoga into the Water with Stand-up Paddleboard Yoga

SUP, yogis? If you love being out at sea and love yoga, then SUP (stand-up paddleboard) yoga might be for you.

Rachel Brathen has helped popularize the sport, leading retreats and regularly posting photos to social media (find her in Instagram @yoga_girl).

SUP is being praised as a physically and emotionally challenging sport. Read on.

Stay tuned for more yoga, fitness, and health and wellness news from Gaiam!


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