What’s on Your Fitness Bucket List?

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By The FIRM Master Instructor Stephanie Huckabee

Many of us keep a list of things we’d like to do before we reach a certain milestone. With my 40th birthday looming, I spent some time evaluating what I would like to include on my own so-called “bucket list” as I move forward in life. My list consisted of things like traveling to specific places, learning to cook my grandmother’s dressing and actually reading many of the classic literature titles currently gathering dust on my book shelf.

But what about a bucket list for exercise? Have you ever thought about keeping a running list of your dreams for fitness? Making a list of your long-term goals along with some smaller ones along the way could be just what you need to keep you motivated for years to come!

To begin, make a list of things you’ve already accomplished in the world of fitness. After all, you may discover that you’ve actually done some pretty amazing things as you’ve sweated it out through the years.

Here are some of my suggestions; I’ve inserted my answers in parentheses so you can see how I’ve done so far:

  • First regular exercise you participated in (running with my dad)
  • Favorite person to work out with (anyone willing to go with me!)
  • Favorite song and/or playlist to get you motivated (Miami bass from the early 90’s)
  • Longest workout (10-miler Army run)
  • Hardest workout (first workout after my daughter, Gracie, was born)
  • Interesting accomplishment (fitting into a pair of jeans I bought at a video shoot in 2003)
  • Activity you tried but realized you shouldn’t have even considered (getting back on roller skates … not enough insurance in the world to cover the potential for accidents!)

After you list where you’ve been in your fitness life, make a list for moving forward:

  • What’s a type of dance exercise that you’ve never tried before?
  • Is there a certain distance you’d like to cover by running/biking/swimming/etc.?
  • What type of workout have you never even considered attempting that you might just try for the heck of it?
  • When you watch the Olympics, what sport are you most drawn to? Somehow incorporate this sport into your workout in the future.
  • What is the longest possible workout you can conceivably do? Write down the time and eventually try to hit it.
  • Are there any landmarks you’d like to visit as you run, bike, swim, etc.? Include these in the list.
  • Which fitness activity scares you the most? Write it down as well because over the years, you just might discover that you want to try it.

The key to a successful fitness life is to remember that it’s a journey, not a final destination. By keeping record of your accomplishments — no matter how big or small — and by keeping a list of things you’d like to do in the future, you’ll keep your motivation up and avoid getting bored.

Share your fitness bucket list below! You may even get some new ideas for your own list by reading those of others.

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