What Is Hope?

Rodney Yee by Rodney Yee | April 27th, 2012 | 2 Comments
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Hope Is a Feeling

Hope is a feeling, an internal movement. If seen in its proper context, hope is part of the light of joy and love that is constantly shining through and illuminating the beauty of life — the awesome dance in which we take part. There is no need to feed it or hang on to it as a distraction or a promise. Instead, strive to see it in context with all of the present moment’s thoughts and sensations. It is but a broken branch floating in the middle of the river of the Tao that we can hang on to only momentarily; however, it must not become the totality of our reality.

If one is not careful, hope — like any tool of love — can become a chain perpetuating an endless illusion and escape from looking, seeing and participating in the complexity of what really is. If you are always wishing upon a star for a different reality to emerge, you often don’t see the star itself or the miracle of the person who is witnessing the star.

But to lose hope is also false because it is an ever-present part of the dance of life. Sometimes it is not illuminated, but it is still there, waiting to come to light. It is part of the lightness of your feet; otherwise we would have cement blocks sinking us hopelessly to the bottom of the sea.


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  1. Hope is the belief that we have a future and that the future is going to be a positive experience.But,do we have a future and is it going to be positive? Sooner or later, we will grow old,sick,and die. So,what are we hoping for? Are we hoping for ourselves,or are we hoping for humanity and the world? Aren’t hope and worry two sides of the same coin? We assume that we have a future,and at the same time,we worry about our continuity.
    Gloria Eagle

    gloria eagle | April 29th, 2012 | Comment Permalink
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