What Happens to Recyclables After They Are Collected? and More

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Name That Yoga Pose and Test Your Memory and Yoga Knowledge!

Learning and remembering yoga pose names has never been more fun! Play ConcentratiOm to see how many yoga poses you can match to their names in 2 minutes and enter for a chance to win fabulous prizes. Whether you’re new to yoga or an advanced yogi, you’ll have fun giving those brain cells a quick yoga workout. New poses every time you play! (Gaiam Life)

Green Living

What Happens to Recyclables After They Are Collected?

Just in time for America Recycles Day on Saturday, RecycleBank launched The Cycle, an interactive animation that takes viewers through each step in the cycle: from recycling collection to processing to manufacturing new products from recycled material. (Recyclebank)

Green Living Deluxe: How the Environmental Movement Went Way, Way Upscale

With solar-powered tanning beds, recycled cashmere dog clothes and designer label reusable bags, “green” living has never been so expensive (or frivolous) (The Environmental Magazine)

Mind-Body Fitness

Do Yoga and Music Go Together?

Some teachers vehemently swear against music on the grounds that it provides a distraction from meditation — a mental crutch — while others see their playlists as extensions of their teaching talents and an added resource for helping students to achieve a certain mind/body experience. (Intent)

Yoga for Lazy People

Some people bound out of bed the moment the alarm goes off. If you’re not one of those people — and you require lots of lolling before you can drag yourself out of bed and feel ready to go — check out MsMindbody’s how-to post on a yoga pose even the laziest person can love. (MsMindBody)

Health & Wellness

Learning How to Walk

A yoga instructor has incorporated walking lessons into his yoga classes, insisting that proper alignment helps keep you moving toward better health. (New York Times)

Crunch the Numbers to A Healthier You

Studies show that preservatives and chemicals are a source of serious health issues, including undue stress, accelerated aging, and weight gain. One of the best things you can do for your health (and your pocketbook) is take a look at how much junk makes up part of your diet, and cut it out. (Organic Authority)

Personal Growth

How to Organize Mental Clutter

A great solution to the questions “How do I break out of this cycle helplessness caused by an overwhelming number of priorities waiting to get done?” and “How can I better manage and execute the activities that matter to me, so that I feel empowered and in control?” (ThinkSimpleNow)


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