What Environmentalists Can Expect From Obama & More

Gaiam Staff by Gaiam Staff | November 7th, 2008 | No Comments
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What Can Environmentalists Expect from Obama?

Barack Obama laid out an ambitious, comprehensive energy and climate plan during his campaign. Now that he’s headed to the White House, what can enviros really expect? (Grist)

Six Steps for Raising a Charitable Child

While the culture of giving may be foreign to most children, it’s easy to train your own little ones to be compassionate. Here are six shortcuts for raising a charitable child, from birth and beyond. (Razoo)

The Ultimate Guide to Stress Relief

If you want to change your stressful-ways, you need to develop and use new stress relief skills. Learn these techniques to direct your mind and body away from stress and into a restful state. (The Change Blog)

Forever Young

Make these the best years of your life, with a yoga practice that increases flexibility, reduces aches and pains, and leaves you feeling forever young. (Yoga Journal)

What’s Your Organic Food IQ?

Are you a green foodie expert? Or do you need some education in green cuisine? Take this quiz to find out. (TheDailyGreen)


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