What’s Up with Down Dog? June Yoga News

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Gaiam June Yoga News

With more than 20 million yoga practitioners in the United States alone, yoga is becoming part of mainstream culture — and making its own news headlines! Here’s what you should know this June when you hit the mat:

Yoga en Español Comes to East L.A.

For people in East L.A. who speak Spanish are looking to begin a yoga practice, a new studio called People’s Yoga on Pomona Boulevard might be the place for you!

The studio, located at 5161 Pomona Blvd. Suite 209, opened on June 8 and will offer free classes this week in both English and Spanish.

The majority of clients are trying yoga for the first time. Bienvenidos! Read on.

Packers Quarterback Aaron Rogers Tackles Yoga

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is slimming down and practicing yoga, hoping it will help make him less susceptible to injuries.

Rodgers said that he’s the lightest he has been since joining the NFL, and he’s working on yoga to get more flexible. Read on.

Yoga Can Help With Divorce, Job Loss and Grief

You already know that yoga can improve flexibility and reduce stress, but now a new class from yogi and former journalist Lisa Kirchner — called Yoga for Getting Over It — aims to help heal bigger wounds, such as divorce, job loss and death.

The class aims to help practitioners create balance in their seemingly shattered lives. Read on.

5 Yoga Poses to Make You Happy

Yoga enthusiasts have long claimed that yoga and meditation make them happier, and new studies suggest they’re right! In fact, a recent Harvard study indicates that yoga may actually turn on and off genes linked to stress.

Want to get happy now? Try this three-minute mood-boosting yoga sequence from New York-based yoga instructor Nichole Lynne Hooley. Watch now.

Yoga is Manly: 7 Reasons Men Should Do Yoga

Hey fellas — why let women reap all the benefits yoga has to offer?

Yoga has been proven to heal, alleviating pain and injury often caused by more-strenuous activities. It also helps make your body fit, flexible and strong, which is just as important for men as it is for women. For the rest of the benefits of yoga for men, read on.

Have you heard any yoga news lately that you think Gaiam should cover? Comment below, then stay tuned for more yoga, fitness, and health and wellness news from Gaiam!

Photo: Lauren, Leah, courtesy People’s Yoga


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