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Gaiam Staff by Gaiam Staff | April 1st, 2014 | 3 Comments
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woman doing yoga at work

With more than 20 million yoga practitioners in the United States alone, yoga is becoming part of mainstream culture — and making its own news headlines! Here’s what you should know when you hit the mat:

Naked Yoga Class Offered in New York City

No yoga pants? No problem! Yoga studio Bold & Naked in New York City is offering classes where students can practice completely naked.

The studio offers all-male and all-female classes, as well as co-ed classes a couple times a week. Would you practice nude yoga? Comment below and read on.

(So you won’t need yoga clothes, but you’ll still want a mat! Get one at Gaiam.com.)

Yoga Can Make You Better at Your Job

We all know that practicing yoga increases strength, flexibility and overall mindfulness — but did you know that it could also improve your work performance?

Practicing yoga has been proven to increase self-awareness, provide unique perspectives and help make handling transitions easier. It also helps practitioners follow their intentions and become more open to new possibilities.

Learn how yoga can improve your work performance. Read on.

Russell Simmons Releases “Success Through Stillness

Russell Simmons may be a hip-hop mogul and master entrepreneur, but he credits his tremendous success to his practice of stillness — through yoga and meditation.

Simmons’ new book guides readers on how to use stillness as a tool to reach their potential. Read on.

Yoga and Meditation Can Change your Brain

It’s been proven that practicing asana, pranayama and meditation can help increase mental stability and clarity, and now experts say that yoga and meditation could literally change your brain!

Making yoga and meditation part of your life can help connect the left and right side of your brain and can eliminate anxiety. Read on.

Learn more benefits of yoga and meditation.

Waitress and Eat Breathe Thrive Founder Receives Life-Changing Tip

Chelsea Roff, a yoga teacher, waitress and Eat Breathe Thrive founder, got pranked with kindness during her best shift ever.

Roff received her dream job (teaching yoga to those suffering from eating disorders), cash, a trip to Hawaii and a new car. Make sure to watch the video because #PrankitFWD donates $1 to dosomething.org for every 1,000 views it receives. Watch it.

Stay tuned for more yoga, fitness, and health and wellness news from Gaiam!


  1. I love the story about Chelsea, especially since I’ve been practicing yoga about 20 years now. I’ve thought about becoming a teacher and having a focus on yoga for people who have eating disorders, as a way of giving them another focus in their lives.

    Great work you do.

    Pay it Forward…

    Barbara Brothman | April 10th, 2014 | Comment Permalink
  2. Regarding: Naked Yoga. No, I would not participate. The reasons or benefits given in the article sound superficial. Not have to worry about picking out clothes?? Had to pick out something to wear to the class. Not exactly an earth shaking worry. And “don’t have to buy expensive clothes”- all those I have practiced yoga with, couldn’t even afford expensive clothes just for yoga. Comfy and whatever you have at home is fine. And the class “strips one of insecurities”? Hmmm, …. insecurities are not uncovered or removed by clothing or no clothing. And “taking off a mask” is a process that is so separate from any clothing issue, that I can’t but wonder how much of one’s actual “inner self” is really “unmasked”? I guess the whole notion that “clothes make the man or woman” is as superficial as assuming that the lack of them makes a ma or woman “more real”. I have little modesty and have seen thousands of bodies (work in medicine). So I am not “against” naked yoga. I suppose there are many motivations and benefits to those who attend. But the reasons given in this excerpt….. just don’t ring true to me.

    susan fredriksen | April 12th, 2014 | Comment Permalink
  3. Re: Naked Yoga, yes, I have practiced it. But I also agree with Susan’s comments.
    In addition to the article, I checked out the “Bold & Naked” website. I think the studios’ owners are genuinely trying to guide students toward greater comfort with their own bodies and themselves.
    But I question whether everyone really puts on such major masks in everyday life beyond the simple preparations for social interaction..
    And Susan is right, the point that you don’t need trendy clothes for naked yoga is not a strong argument to try it.
    Personally, I’ve found naked yoga to be very basic and lovely in the best sense, just as sunning and strolling without a bathing suit at a clothing-optional (aka “nude”) beach is also basic and lovely. And like visiting a clothing-optional beach, I find that a certain basic investment in self-comfort is needed first. But it pays wonderful and expansive dividends. So I encourage any yoga student to try it, at least once.

    Richard | April 15th, 2014 | Comment Permalink

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