Week 10: Putting It All Together

Tanja Djelevic by Tanja Djelevic | May 21st, 2012 | 1 Comment
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Congrats! You made it to the tenth and final week of the Better Body and More Energy Challenge! I knew you could do it.

For your last assignment, I’d like to you tie together everything you’ve learned about nutrition and fitness over the past nine weeks. Don’t worry — it sounds more daunting than it really is!

Week 10 assignment: Cleanse, stretch and have some fun!

First, I want you to go on a natural cleanse with your diet — a mini detox of sorts. This means trying to stick to mostly fruits and veggies, with some fish and eggs for protein. Drink tons of refreshing water, and let your body rest from digesting animal proteins, if you can. You can eat some whole grains, but let it be in the morning and pump up the veggie plate. After a few days you will experience a different sense of scent and taste. Want to up the ante with a full-on detox diet? Find out which detox plan is right for you with our Detox 101 guide.

Secondly, I’d like your workouts this week to focus on gentle, loving exercises, such as yoga and stretching. Do some introspective yoga, conscious stretching and lengthening of your hard working muscles, and consider it as a muscle tissue cleanse. Leave the pushing and pulling and contracting by the way side, and just let your body breathe.

Lastly, for your heart and soul, focus on FUN! Go to a comedy show with your friends, put on a play in your home with the family, or play a practical joke on your best friend. Just try something that will make you let out a belly laugh.

After you complete this last assignment, your next assignment is … to start all over again! Remember, repetition creates healthy habits. And, even more importantly, boosting your metabolism and energy is not just a 10-week experience; it is a life long commitment.

So, how you feel about what you have done so far? Do you feel that sense of getting somewhere, an ignition, a light? I would love hear your stories after doing the challenge, and where it has taken you. Will you share it here in the comment section, with me, and the others?

Live Life Loud!


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  1. Hi Tanja-
    I just came across this and archived the whole 10 weeks- happily I am already doing several things, i.e. I walk 3 miles a day (to and from work) which, with no commute reduces the stress like you wouldn’t believe! Drink at least your reccommended water intake and have some whole body strength training and yoga workouts- I try and think and act positively- so I plan that this will be a breeze- and I love YOUR attitude! And I especially apprieciate the way you’ve reminded me what a great thing I am doing for myself and that I am worth it and that I can bring this same energy with me wherever I go and I will have enough to give away to whomever I meet-
    Thank you- Living Loud- Wayne

    wayne | August 9th, 2008 | Comment Permalink

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