Waking Up

Rodney Yee by Rodney Yee | January 9th, 2008 | 1 Comment
topic: Personal Growth, Yoga

There is a light white blanket on the earth this morning. Colleen was laughing at the excitement of the California kids. It is beautiful, and quite a dramatic change. All of a sudden so many different activities are possible… sledding, snowball fights, building snowmen, skiing and snowboarding. A new perspective cloaks the gray from our minds and bodies.

Is it possible to awaken moment by moment to the pristine miracle of life as it unfolds? As we become sensitive to the nuances, by training our minds to stay present, at ease, and open, we awaken to a new world constantly.

Is it possible that this awakening will bring us to a constant state of awe and joy? The sages have stated for thousands of years that life is full of joy and love.

Is a new consciousness for all humanity daunting? Maybe it is a necessary function of our survival. In the world of conventional warfare, potential nuclear disaster, chemical warfare, environmental destruction, overpopulation and insurmountable greed, we must wake up to a new value system that balances our Mothership Earth … We must wake up, wake up to the world’s inherent beauty, joy and love. In this awakening, we can return to simple balanced lives.




  1. Thank you!
    Happy New Year!

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