V-Day Links: The Anatomy of a Kiss, Transcendent Intimacy and Ecstasy

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Every week we highlight the best articles, blogs, news, videos and interesting Web tidbits to help you live green, be healthy, and connect with your sense of spirituality. Read this week’s Valentine’s-Day-themed roundup for info that helps you live and love yourself and your partner better.

Green Living

Finding a (Naturally) Better Gift This Valentine’s Day

Check out the Natural Resources Defense Council’s list of ways to have a happy — and healthy — Valentine’s Day. (TheDailyGreen)

Kitchen Scraps to Garden Gold, Composters Explained

Getting started with composting can be as easy, but when choosing which system is right for you, it helps to first get familiar with the different types of composters. (greenUPGRADER)

Mind-Body Fitness

Anatomy of a Kiss

Kissing may reduce stress chemicals in the body. So you might want to experiment with literally kissing stress goodbye. (FitSugar)

Super Satisfaction

Try this yoga sequence to send your sex drive soaring, and consider your sticky mat a literal path to better sex and a superhighway to intimacy. (iyogalife)

Health & Wellness

Eat Red This Valentine’s Day

Ever thought about going red with your fruits and veggies in honor of Valentine’s Day? It’s a healthy thing to do — and can be the perfect prep for that big meal you might be sharing with your sweetie once the sun sets. (ThatsFit)

My Vegan Valentine: Deliciously Healthy Chocolate Cake

A decadent chocolate cake recipe for your sweetie, minus the animal products. (Grist)

Personal Growth

Get in Touch

Offer a Thai yoga massage with lovingkindness, and both you and your partner will feel the love. (YogaJournal)

Intimacy and Ecstasy

Cultivate a deep connection to yourself and your lover to experience true intimacy—even a moment of nirvana, the transcendent state of spiritual ecstasy. (YogaJournal)


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