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UZIT and Gaiam: Adding “Urban Zen” to Patient Care

Posted By guest On April 20, 2011 @ 5:11 pm In Fitness, Health & Wellness, Yoga | No Comments

Urban Zen Yoga Therapy Program [1]

A guest post from Lisa Sunshine of Urban Zen [2]

Anyone who practices yoga regularly knows that it can be a healing experience [3], both mentally and physically. In addition to the health benefits to be gained from a regular yoga practice, yoga therapists [4] teach their patients specific ways to use yoga to combat everything from depression [5] to back problems [6] to side effects from cancer treatments [7].

Recognizing the importance of yoga [8] and other Eastern healing techniques such as Reiki, essential oil therapy, nutrition [9] and contemplative care, Donna Karan’s Urban Zen Integrative Therapy Program [10] (UZIT) in New York trains its students to combine these therapies with traditional Western medicine to create a holistic approach to patient care [11]. During the program, each technique is taught separately, then instruction is given on how to interweave them to create a truly integrative healing session. Graduates of the UZIT program leave with experience working bedside with patients and their loved ones and caregivers in hospitals [12], as well in yoga studios, private practice, outpatient clinics, cancer support groups and a variety of other settings.

Gaiam and UZIT have worked closely since the program’s inception. Gaiam sponsored UZIT’s inaugural year in 2009 and our collaboration continues today. Not only do our yoga therapy students have the pleasure of working with the latest yoga props [13] from Gaiam, but – even more critical to their training – they have access to the Gaiam Yoga Club [14], which was designed by UZIT yoga therapy directors Rodney Yee [15] and Colleen Saidman [16]. This highly effective tool and revolutionary approach to embracing yoga is a required practice for all UZIT students and allows them to expand and deepen their practice, no matter what their level of experience or ability might be.

Interested in becoming a student of the Urban Zen Integrative Therapy program? Visit the Urban Zen website [2] for more information.

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