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Use Runes to Attract What You Want in Your Life

Posted By Gaiam Staff On February 24, 2009 @ 10:37 am In Inspirational Media, Personal Growth | No Comments


If you’ve been interested in the law of attraction [1] and The Secret [2] but don’t know much about runes, Kaedrich Olsen has something to tell you: Runes may be the tool you’re looking for to help you change your life.

We talked with Kaedrich, author of the new book Runes for Transformation, about how you can use the ancient runes in practical ways today. Here’s our Q&A:

What are runes?

The runes are ancient symbols you can use in ways you might compare to the ways you’d use a mantra [3]. The runes’ effect comes into play when they are drawn, carved, carried, worn as a charm …

Many books on runes focus on divination and fortune-telling. They miss one of the most important and ancient uses of the runes — as tools you can use to change your life.

How do you use runes?

I have seen runes used successfully for healing, increasing success, protection, and creativity … There are no limits to how you can use runes to change your life. Using runes as a transformational tool, I believe, is true to their form and it is very in-line historically.

In the ancient texts, we find only a handful of potential examples of divination with runes — there is nothing archeologically to substantiate it. Actually runes were primarily a communication tool: They were the characters in the written language of the ancient Germanic languages … languages that became English. So I believe that using runes as communication tools, to focus the way you think about and experience the world, is a very traditional way of using runes. In Runes for Transformation, I just bring that into a modern context.

There are scores of examples of runes being used as transformational tools. These examples range from literature to archeology, and they detail exactly how runes were used. Those uses range from developing the mind to healing the sick to calming storms and protection in battle, just to mention a few. We can apply those same concepts in the context of the modern world.

Here’s a video [4] on how you can use a specific rune to achieve a specific goal. You can learn more in my blog [5] about the runes and ways to use them.

What attracted you to the topic of runes?

I was drawn to them when I was 16 years old when I got my first set. They were something that just clicked and worked well for me. Plus, when I found there was a deep history and scholarly study involved, I was hooked for life. To this day, I am still learning a great deal about the runes from the historical and spiritual aspects.

What other resources do you recommend for anyone interested in runes?

  • Taking up the Runes by Diana Paxson — an excellent book that sums together various views on the runes and their uses.
  • Northern Mysteries and Magick by Freya Aswynn.
  • Runelore and Futhark, two in an excellent series of books on the runes and Nordic spirituality by Edred Thorsson. Both are excellent historical references and also describe modern uses.
  • If you want to get in deep with the history, lore and uses of the runes, I recommend checking out the offerings of the Rune Gild [6].

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