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Undercover Yoga: Strike a Pose Wherever You Sit

Posted By Kate Hanley On December 17, 2008 @ 3:00 pm In Health & Wellness, Yoga | 2 Comments

Seated twist pose how-to from The Practical Power of Yoga [1]

Seated twist pose how-to segment from The Practical Power of Yoga

I’m writing this post from a coffee shop. On one hand, I love working in a coffee shop: It spurs me to put on clothes that aren’t covered in smashed up pieces of banana (I have a 10-month-old), get some fresh air, and interact with other humans.

The downside — it’s not conducive to getting up and moving around every so often — there’s just not that much room, and I’m hesitant to leave my cellphone and laptop untended. Then there’s the issue of looking like a kook. Yet after an hour or so, my body is yearning for a little stretch.

Gaiam’s new DVD The Practical Power of Yoga [2] with Rodney Yee [3] and Colleen Saidman [4] includes a segment on how to do a super-simple seated twist [1].

This yoga pose is great for wringing tension out of the spine, stimulating good digestion and natural detoxification [5], and gently revitalizing.

You can do simple yoga poses like this at your desk [6], in a restaurant, on a crowded plane or even at the dinner table during a marathon holiday meal. And best of all, it won’t make you look like a weirdo. I promise — I just did it myself, and not one eyebrow went up. May it help you keep those everyday aches and pains at bay.

[7]Watch a preview clip showing more from The Practical Power of Yoga [8].

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