Under Her Skin: Pain Within and the Power of Hope

Jensy Scarola by Jensy Scarola | April 23rd, 2012 | 3 Comments
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In the spring of 2007, after the birth of my second beautiful daughter, I relapsed from the eating disorder and severe depression I suffered with in college.

After six months of draining the lives of so many family and friends, I decided to receive intensive therapy once and for all. I was losing my husband, alienating friends and family members and spending days and weeks inside the house. I had two little girls to take care of and I could barely take care of myself.

I had spent years hating myself, belittling my talents, beauty and brains. It took a good four years to work through all the pain and hurt I had caused myself. I worked really hard with the therapists — marriage counselors, eating-disorder specialists and parenting coaches. They taught me new ways to look at the world and, indeed, I found the world to be breathtakingly beautiful.

A pivotal moment occurred on one of my annual “me” trips that I started taking — no kids, no husband, no friends, just me.

Mountain retreatMy trip was set in a mountainside resort in Central Virginia. I sat down on a large boulder after a long hike, pulled out my blank journal and began to write. On one side of the page I wrote, “Accomplishments.” On the the other side I wrote, “Things I am grateful for.” I found that my lists were getting so long that I had to flip the page over and write on the back. I couldn’t believe how rich my life was! I had spent so much time worrying about others’ lives, but I hadn’t taken a look at my own so deeply. I had to stop to make it to yoga at 10 AM, so I dusted myself off and hurried down the mountain.

The yoga class was small, set in a tiny studio in the back of the resort’s fitness center but, boy, did BIG things happen during the two-hour class. As I moved from one difficult pose to another, I felt my fears about life float out of my body. A transformation was happening right before my eyes. The meditation was long … tears were flowing from my eyes … joyful tears … I was free, free from my own fears and expectations. I felt solely responsible for ME and only ME. And I realized, finally, that I love ME!

Since then, I feel fully recovered. I’m embracing learning through mistakes, loving harder and growing everyday. Yoga and meditation have changed my life. I meditate every morning and sit with myself several times a day and focus on my breath. The tasks, frustrations and stressors of each day that we all experience seem to float in and out of my conscience. I feel fully prepared to to take on whatever heads my way. And yoga has changed the way I feel about my body.

We came in as lightThere is hope for you if there was hope for me. Surround yourself with cheerleaders — a support team that will encourage and cheer you on. Whether it’s a church group, rehab, support group, mom’s club, online forum … whatever support feels like to you, seek it out. Everyone has a story. And so many are glad to help. At my lowest point, I was considering taking my own life, but I knew in my soul that I had a lot to live for. Life is a treasure!

Each and every one of us has a fireball of strength. As the verse says, we came into this world as a light. Let YOUR light shine!

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  1. You are a true inspiration! I love you! xoxoxo

    Gloria | April 24th, 2012 | Comment Permalink
  2. And I am truly grateful to know you and have you and your family in my life!

    Corry | April 24th, 2012 | Comment Permalink
  3. [...] Recovery was the messisest mess of all messes. It’s still messy but not as much. But it happens to be the most BEAUTIFULEST MESS I have ever experienced in my life. I am so dang grateful for the pain, the nights on the bathroom floor, the tears that could fill an ocean. The mess has become my message. [...]

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