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Gay and Katie Hendricks by Gay and Katie Hendricks | August 7th, 2008 | 1 Comment
topic: Personal Growth

Kathlyn and I are just back from a meeting in the mountains of Colorado with the Transformational Leadership Council. TLC was founded by a group of us, meeting in Jack Canfield’s living room about 5 years ago. Now, it’s grown to 100+ people, necessitating a move to larger quarters (Jack’s living room is big, but it’s not that big!) We meet now about twice a year, to hear what everybody’s doing and to help move the field of personal and relationship transformation forward. One of our new members, Marianne Williamson, gave a rousing talk based on her new book, The Age Of Miracles. Her talk touched on something dear to my heart, the incredible explosion of creativity that can come forth at mid-life.  I gave the opening invocation, which I will quote from to give you a taste of the expanded yet playful spirit of the event:

May the benign spirit of Bucky Fuller and all our mentors hum in harmony with us, inspiring us to expand the outer limits of our ability to delight in abundance, love, creativity and friendship. May our every day be filled with everyday miracles and extraordinary bliss. May we grant each other blanket permission to revel in wisdom and love-drenched play, along with blanket forgiveness for whatever dramas we feel compelled to engage in. May our hearts open in massive gratitude for the honor and privilege of joining together on this journey. May we soar together to new heights of love, intimacy and success, and may the ripples we spread inspire and tickle all those around us. Ahhwomen. Ahhmen.


  1. Thank you for sharing the opening experience with us!
    How wonderful to know that so many are gathering in the name of Love and Peace. Please continue to keep us in the circle!


    Karen Mattson | August 30th, 2008 | Comment Permalink

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