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Time for a Digital Detox?

Posted By Cheryl Terrace On January 9, 2009 @ 5:26 pm In Detox, Health & Wellness | No Comments

[1]Although I prefer intentions to resolutions [2], January is a time of starting over with a clean slate. Be it ‘Juiceless January’ (meaning no alcohol) or ‘Gym January’ (we all know what that means), many of us partake in some sort of cleansing [3] and/or fitness ritual. In addition to making my (always long) lists of hopes, dreams and intentions, I am ramping up my yoga [4] practice [5].

It is also a wonderful time to evaluate and modify some of our homes unhealthy habits. My favorite fast is an electronic fast.

Our lives are filled with noise — from the traffic horn noise in the outside world we cannot control, to our household noise that we allow into our private space. Often television/radio sounds act as a distraction or a way to numb ourselves from being completely with ourselves in silence. But there is a lot of spaciousness in silence; it allows us to confront our innermost thoughts.

That may be uncomfortable, but it is only when we quiet our exterior chatter [6] that we can deal with the inner chatter of our mind. By removing the veil of noise, we allow our true luminous selves to emerge (just like in weight loss [7]!)

Similar to a sugar addiction, it may be easier to slowly wean yourself off the noise, starting with turning off the TV one day a week and then adding more days of quiet time until perhaps even turning off the babble box altogether. Or replace it with a healthier alternative, inviting in stimuli that offer more benefit for your overall well-being. Here’s an example from the Sound Yoga Nada Yoga DVD [8]:

“The wonderful bonus of this practice — meditating with music [9] — is that the process, the journey itself, is highly pleasant. Every step of the way you are bathing yourself in uplifting sounds and music, balancing and healing your heart, mind and spirit. Thus no matter what the specific “meditative” outcome, you can receive only benefits from this pursuit. Your listening skills will also improve, and you will become more sensitive not only to music and sound, but to the subtle emotions and energies within yourself and in others. You will “listen” to others more completely and directly, and you’ll find you are able to hear what others are really saying, no matter how loudly they speak.”

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