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This Does Not Belong to Me

Posted By Cynthia James On May 16, 2013 @ 1:59 pm In Personal Growth | 3 Comments


I have known for some time that negative or challenging energy is not part of me. At any given moment, I can choose to accept or reject something into my life, and I have often told my students that they do not have to accept old energy and thought patterns into their lives.

Recently while visiting John of God [2], I had an unsettling dream that brought into my awareness that I was processing out some very old energy. The dream itself felt and looked futuristic, but I was clear that it had to do with the remnants of very old energy that was still alive in my consciousness [3]. I awoke from the dream enough to become aware of my surroundings and the thought entered my mind: “This does not belong to me.” Instantly, somehow, I knew this thought carried truth. I did not have to accept on any level that the energy or images of that dream were true for me. I began to chant [4], “This does not belong to me. I blanket myself with love and allow this old energy to dissolve into the field of peace and love.” It took a few minutes, but I began to calm down and rest without that old image in my mind.

I am clear that we are all at various times processing old ways of being. I believe it is part of the human experience. However, I am also clear that the moment we decide to let go of any attachment or unconscious connection to these thought forms, we initiate and activate our freedom path [5].

If you are struggling with a negative life experience [6], I invite you to choose a different path. We are not here to struggle or suffer. Declare, in this moment, “This feeling or emotion does not belong to me.” You may not feel the shift right away, but please know that this simple phrase is gently chipping away at the non-supportive energy.

Please affirm with me: “Today, I release any thought, word, deed or activity that does not belong to the perfection of my evolving soul.”

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