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The Path to Love and Sustainability

Posted By Annie B. Bond On November 15, 2010 @ 5:07 pm In Green Living, Inspirational Media, Personal Growth, Relationships | 1 Comment

Bucket of corn [1]The Path to Love

Our materialistic worldview has reduced love to a haphazard flow of hormones coupled to psychological fantasies. The spiritual truth [2] is very different. Once the walls fall down, we discover that our real problem is that there is too much love around us, not too little. Love [3] is eternal and unbounded; it is only we who take tiny sips from its infinite ocean.

The mystery of love [4] hasn’t changed across the centuries; we have only fallen short of it. Whenever a person’s heart dries up, it may appear that love has dried up. In fact, that person has built a boundary to shut out a force that is always at flood tide.

Adapted from The Path to Love by Deepak Chopra (Three Rivers Press, 1997).

Love of the Sustainable

A simple autumn supper including local, sweet, vine-ripened tomatoes, freshly picked corn, and miraculously ripe peaches grown nearby with organic, local [5] cream on top is a meal one savors forever. Much of the reason is that such a meal is made up of real food with true flavor, food that isn’t produced with a priority of yield, market appeal, shelf life, and durability, but food grown in living soil [6] with health and stewardship in mind, from farms that include heritage livestock breeds and heirloom varieties [7] of produce for preserving genetic diversity.

Adapted from True Food, Eight Simple Steps to a Healthier You,  by Annie B. Bond, Melissa Breyer and Wendy Gordon (National Geographic, 2009).

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