Gaiam staffers dig in to local, organic food at our zero-waste café

Joe Rogel by Joe Rogel | October 14th, 2008 | 6 Comments
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One of the best amenities at our new campus in Louisville, Colo., is the fresh, healthy food served up right here in our much-anticipated on-site Gaiam Café.

The Gaiam Cafeteria

The Gaiam Café opened for business in September

Gaiam partnered with Savory Cuisines, a company dedicated to promoting “a choice of lifestyle that is healthy and life enhancing” to create a “Green Cafeteria.” We love the fact that our new café brings farmers’-market-fresh food right to the office using 90% organic and local products.

In a world where healthy food options are hard to come by, it really feels good to know you don’t have to drive anywhere at lunchtime to find real food that’s delicious AND good for you.

Salad Bar

Yummy fresh veggies at the salad bar

Our Gaiam Cafe’s green goodness doesn’t stop there. In line with our company-wide “zero waste” initiative, the cafeteria features “stations” for commingled recycling and composting, making it easy to stay green after we’re done with our meals. In fact, every kitchen throughout our building features Zero Waste stations.

Haven’t heard of zero waste? It’s about reusing, recycling, composting or repurposing most materials that otherwise go into landfills. A single household can reduce its carbon dioxide footprint by 2,400 pounds by cutting its landfill waste in half — so you can imagine the huge difference we make when we reduce the amount of our waste as a company!

Zero Waste station in the Gaiam Café

The Zero Waste station in the Gaiam Café

Having a program like this at work has also helped me and many fellow Gaiam employees adopt good waste-management habits at home. Since I began working here and learned about zero waste, I’ve been able to reduce the amount of trash I throw away at home in a big way. I’ve especially cut down on plastic waste, because I’ve learned how to decipher the numbers at the bottom of plastic containers. Also, there’s a rumor that my neighborhood waste pickup may start taking compost soon, and I can’t wait to start composting too.

To learn more about Zero Waste, see how we’re using it around our office, and how you can get started at home, check out this video produced by our rock-star media team:


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