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The Low-Down and Photos From Our First Boulder Tweetup

Posted By Joe Rogel On June 18, 2009 @ 1:30 pm In Green Living | No Comments


Admittedly, this post comes a bit later than fashionable, but I was waiting on photos from our friends of the first tweetup hosted by @Gaiam [1], @LOHASTed [2] and @elephantjournal [3] at the @happynoodle [4]. After all, what good is a post about a tweetup without pics?

All in all, our first tweetup was an absolute success!

Around 35+ of our tweeps from the Boulder area and even as far as Brazil via Miami Beach came down to hang out with Ted Ning of LOHAS [5]; Waylon Lewis of Elephant Journal [6]; Betsy Chase, Jessica Knochel and Nicole De La Rosa of Earth Cinema Circle [7], Spiritual Cinema Circle [8] and the Gaiam Yoga Club [9]; Cyd Crouse and myself from Gaiam [10] at The Happy Noodle House [11].


It was great to connect with our local tweeps from Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins and nearby, as well as our friends in town for the LOHAS Forum [12], going on right now at the St. Julien Hotel [13] until tomorrow, Friday June 19.


Among the guests were Derek Markham of Twilight Earth [14] (@derekmarkham [15]), Teju Ravilochan and Nikhil Dandavati of The UnReasonable Institute [16] (@BeUnreasonable [17]), Adam Stenftenagel of Sustainably Built [18], Jonathan Rademaekers of Big Tree Climate Fund [19], Gwen Bell [20] (@gwenbell [21]), Joe Pezzillo of Pushio [22] (@PushIO [23], @ejoep [24]), Martin Montero of Austin Social Innovation Hub [25] (@montero [26]), Greg Berry of Nuance Intelligence [27] (@nuance_intel [28], Debbie Williams and Tom Larsen of Green Smart [29], Kelly Cookson of Natural Capitalism Solutions [30] (@kelly_cookson [31]), Scott Pardo of MokuZoku [32] (@bflyflutter [33]), and many more.


We enjoyed great conversation and excellent food, drinks, and waiting courtesy of the Happy Noodle staff. Also, we raffled off awesome Gaiam stuff, including ECC, SCC and Yoga Club DVDs and subscriptions; yoga mats; stainless steel water bottles; and of course, the Grand Prize: a one-day, full-access pass to the LOHAS Forum! Lucky winner Noel Wagner (@noelwagner [34]) claimed her prize and was ecstatic, as she had just signed up as a volunteer for the conference.


We can’t express how amazing it was to connect and be in the same space with so many great people who share our values of healthy, active and sustainable living; and give an opportunity for everyone to make valuable connections with other like-minded individuals.

We had a great time and look forward to connecting again — be sure to follow @gaiam [1], @LOHASTed [2] and @elephantjournal [3] and stay tuned to find out when our next event is taking place!

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