The Greener Way to a New Job: Your Webcam

Ginny Figlar Colón by Ginny Figlar Colón | December 10th, 2009 | No Comments
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BusinesswomanWeb conferences have replaced unnecessary business travel as companies cut costs and go greener. And now it looks like Skype video meetings have started to replace in-office interviews as well.

Yay for zero carbon miles! Boo for pixelated faces and lag time. I Skype a lot with my family, and most of the time I’m staring up my nose. Or moving in slow mo when my network connection gets congested. I don’t think either one would make the best impression on a potential employer.

My husband was thinking the same thing when a Webcam interview was proposed for a sustainability job. It was the sixth and final interview, and he was up against another — local — candidate. The no-flight-over-the-Atlantic interview option made a lot of sense, especially for a corporate social responsibility position. But he really wanted the job and worried that it would give the local candidate the edge. He opted to shake the VP’s hand in person.

What would you have done?

3 tips for Webcam interviews

A recent Time magazine article says more and more companies are opting for Skype interviews (typically during the screening process rather than the final interview). So if you are looking for a job, it might be worth upgrading your Webcam while you update your resume.

Business site offers a few tips for would-be Skype interviewees:

  • Turn off your cell phone, take your landline phone off the hook and put the dog outside.
  • Make eye contact by looking into the Webcam as opposed to the person’s face on your screen.
  • Pick a well-lit spot with a calm background, and do a few test runs.

In case you’re wondering … no, my husband didn’t get the job. But he’s being considered for another and recently proposed a Skype meeting in lieu of the flight. (And we’re looking into carbon offset programs to zero out the rest.)


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