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Gaiam Staff by Gaiam Staff | April 18th, 2012 | 1 Comment
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What does hope mean to you? That’s the inspiration behind the Gaiam Hope Project. We asked experts, authors and readers like you to share stories of hope. Every day for the next month, we’ll publish those stories on You’ll find new ideas to get your happy on, tips to be more optimistic and ways to have a little faith.

In addition to the hopeful goings-on at Gaiam Life, we’ve partnered with our friends at to launch the Gaiam TV Hope Film Festival, which will feature FREE films all month long to fill you with hope and inspiration. In celebration of this month-long event, is bringing you nine full-length films and videos for FREE as part of the Gaiam TV Hope Film Festival. These films were carefully chosen to warm your heart or challenge your interpretation of hope. We hope you enjoy each selection – completely free.

When we first started tossing this idea around, I was excited about it, but I must admit a little concerned that people wouldn’t get it. Hope is a difficult-to-describe feeling and, let’s face it, a commodity right now. Would it resonate with our readers? Then I heard a line at my daughter’s high-school production of Beauty and the Beast that convinced me to go for it. As Belle and the Beast start to fall in love, Chip (the tiny teacup) says, “Mama, I have a bubbly feeling in my tummy,” to which his mother, Mrs. Potts (the teakettle), replies, “Why, Chip, that’s hope!”

Don’t we all need — don’t we all deserve — to feel that bubbly feeling again? Whether it’s the fluttery optimism of an event long looked forward to or the first warm glimpse of light following a string of dark days, hope is the promise that holds its hand out to us. And we, in return, wrap our hands ’round and hold tight. We hope you’ll join us on and to experience the many interpretations of hope.

Start off this month of hope by watching I AM, the most inspiring film you may ever see, FREE thanks to our friends at Then follow us on Facebook and Twitter for fresh word of hope — and share your own stories of hope like reader Jensy Scarola did! You’ll find new inspiration to read, to watch, to share every day.

We asked experts, authors and readers like you to share their stories of Hope. Every day for the next month, you’ll find new tips for optimism on Gaiam Life, the Stream of Consciousness blog and our social media sites: Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. And don’t miss the Hope Film Festival, with FREE films all month long.


  1. You are 100% right when you say hope is a commodity right now, but what you are all trying to do is giving me just that, hope. I think it’s a great idea amidst such troubling times on this planet, and am looking forward to reading stories of hope. Thankyou for thinking like a human being instead of a machine.

    Hari Sand | April 19th, 2012 | Comment Permalink

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